Off Season Prep Title: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Hunting Season

Are you ready to gear up for another thrilling hunting season? As outdoor enthusiasts, we know the excitement of preparing for the hunt, from getting our gear in order to ensuring we’re up-to-date on regulations and land permissions. Let’s break down the essential steps to make sure you’re fully prepared for the upcoming season: **Gear […]

Getting Started In Precision Rimfire

Anyone who enjoys shooting for fun is going to know the enjoyment that some casual plinking with a .22 rifle brings. Getting out there and safely shooting at different targets is an opportunity to test our skills. Precision Rimfire shooting is new to the world of shooting and offers shooters of all ages an opportunity […]

Sighting in Your Optic

Sighting in your Optic   Now it’s time to shoot. I’m pretty good at bore sighting, and occasionally, I get it right on… but it is not always perfect, and neither are collimators nor laser bore sighters. So, I like to start with our 1” grid target at 50 yards. For a lever-action, your better […]

How to Properly Bore Sight Your Rifle Scope

HOW TO PROPERLY BORE SIGHT YOUR RIFLE SCOPE Now that you have Properly installed your rifle scope to the intended torque specs it is now ready to bore sight. Bore sighting is the most overlooked step in the installation of your optic. This step when done correctly will not only save you in ammunition but […]

Mounting Your New Rifle Scope

Mounting Your New Rifle Scope Congratulations on your new Scorpion Optic. In this brief tutorial I will explain what you will need and how to properly mount your optic for success. Knowing your scope is mounted properly is the beginning to confident accuracy and the difference between a hit or miss… *Did you know most […]