Our Story

Our Mission is to serve you! The Canadian industry is very important to us, and we pride ourselves on providing a Canadian Brand, and supporting gun and outdoor stores all across Canada.

We are obsessed with delivering superior quality, service and value in all our products, and are committed to serving the shooting community across all channels.

We have been part of the shooting world for years as users in both hunting and sport shooting and jumped at the opportunity to combine business with passion when Scorpion came up for sale early 2022.

Not fully happy w/ the products that we were using and on the market, whether it was quality, functionality or price, we knew we could do better!

What makes Scorpion standout is that we as the owners have boots on the ground. We are the ones testing, working with engineers designing and handling quality control. Our products go through a 5 stage inspection process before being signed off for approval for both civilian or military purposes.

We pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring that our customers are well looked after!

You can trust when you buy Scorpion you will be served!