R.D.S – Range.Dial.Shoot

At Scorpion Outdoors, we continually strive to simplify hunting for our clients and customers. One way we achieve this is through our one-of-a-kind, R.D.S.™ System. The Range. Dial. Shoot. System is the best ballistic turret system in the industry - simply range your target, dial-in your target, and shoot!

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The Scorpion team will take everything necessary into account to construct the most precise ballistic turret cap to suit your needs. From factory loads to custom reloaded wildcats, we compile your data to create a fast and reliable way to shoot long distances, dependant on the specified caliber and weight. Additionally, our Gen 2 Series has an upgraded turret system that allows users to have 50% more adjustments. With this system, most calibers can achieve 600 yards of elevation in a single turret rotation.

Installation is simple! After zeroing your scope, loosen the elevation turret cap with the supplied tool. From there, remove the existing turret cap and replace it with the ballistic turret cap. When doing this, make sure to line up 100 yards with the zero. This simple step takes just a few minutes, and once complete, you’ll have the ability to shoot long distances with confidence.

We also have a variety of popular calibers and weights engraved and in-stock. If your caliber is not listed, no need to worry – you can order a custom turret here! Simply fill out this printable form and you’ll quickly be on your way to successful hunting.