How to Properly Bore Sight Your Rifle Scope


Now that you have Properly installed your rifle scope to the intended torque specs it is now ready to bore sight. Bore sighting is the most overlooked step in the installation of your optic. This step when done correctly will not only save you in ammunition but complete frustration when you don’t hit paper at 25 yards…

In short, the purpose of bore sighting is to line the center of bore with the center of your optic. There are many ways and tools to bore sight a scope.

There are Collimator bore sighters that use a magnet to attach on the crown of the barrel. This method is not 100% because your elevation is dependent on where you place the collimator using the 2” magnet.


Another method is laser pointers. Issue with these is if you try to use it in your home you run out of elevation right away because MOA is an angular measurement. The distance is just not there. Basically 1” or 4 clicks at 100 yards to keep math simple. The shorter the distance the more “clicks” are needed.


The most basic way is to remove the bolt and with a stable base look through the barrel and then the optic. Adjust as necessary. Id suggest doing this at 25 or 50 yards with a decent size round target.


I personally like the old-school Collimator style. The rod keeps the collimator at a fixed location and when level is the most accurate. Sometimes with todays more modern rifles, this style will be too low in relation to the optic. The work around is to leave the elevation at optical center and only adjust the windage to center.


To begin, place your rifle is a gun vice or stable rest. Our bore sighter kits are great because they come with multiple rods that can fit most standard calibers. Attach the corresponding rod to the collimator and place in your muzzle. Level the bore sighter. When looking down through the scope you’ll see a grid. Adjust as necessary. If you have a 20 MOA base same thing, adjust the elevation to center.

Now that your rifle is bore sighted you can go to the range and finish the job!


When you buy Scorpion products you’re not just buying a riflescopes or a rangefinder, you’re buying a tool…

A tool you know that you can depend on to get the job done.

That’s why we here, at Scorpion Optics, are proud to stand behind our products to provide you with the best possible service because you work hard and we believe your optics should too.

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