Rangefinders and Binoculars

In order to eliminate the guesswork in long-range shooting, an accurate rangefinder is required. The basic principle in our “Range – Dial – Shoot” system is knowing the exact distance to your target regardless of whether it is rimfire varmint shooting or long range big game hunting. A fast, accurate, and dependable laser rangefinder will change the way you hunt. Archers have known for years that knowing the range makes all the difference between a hit and a miss. Long-range shooting is gaining popularity and rangefinders are playing a big part in extending lethal hunting ranges. An accurate rifle, Scorpion Optics RDS scope, and a laser rangefinder will increase your ability to accurately shoot out to ranges you never thought possible before. All Scorpion Optics Laser Rangefinders now carry our “Sting-Free” Lifetime warranty and are available in various distance capabilities.

Hunting Has Never Been Better

Welcome to Scorpion Outdoors, Canada’s premier destination for hunting products and accessories. Whether you’re tracking elk in the Rockies or setting up for duck season in the wetlands, our carefully selected accessories are designed to enhance your hunting experience. Our range includes high-performance rifle scopes, advanced optics, and durable equipment, all of which are not just tested, but trusted by hunters across Canada. Shop with us to equip yourself with the tools you need for a successful hunt. Discover innovation, reliability, and unmatched quality at Scorpion Outdoors—where the wild calls.