Scorpion RDS Scopes

Accuracy you can depend on.

The next step in the Range-Dial-Shoot system was to introduce the Venom Hi Grade series with ballistic turret caps for all the popular hunting calibers. This series has both 1 inch and 30mm models. Along with 3 different magnification ranges. The ease of installing and using the Range-Dial-Shoot system has made it an instant success.

The RDS system is simple to use.

Remove the ballistic turret cap, zero the gun at 100 yards and reinstall the ballistic turret cap with the 100 yard mark on the indicator dot on the scope and tighten the 3 set screws. Installation complete! Range your target, turn the ballistic turret cap to the correct distance and shoot dead on, no hold over required.

Take your shooting to the next level.

Our top of the line Venom Max Scope Series takes the RDS system to the next level. The Venom Max Series has 4 models which include 2 different magnification levels with 6x power zoom and illuminated reticles available. The Venom Max series has a 15 MOA range adjustment and our newly developed Zero Stop. These extended range scopes are perfectly suited to today’s large magnum long range calibers. We have many popular ballistic turret caps available and as with all of these models, custom caps are available for those that hand load their own ammunition.

Custom Turrets.

If you reload your own ammunition, we can also supply custom turrets for your loads. If you provide us with the calibre, bullet weight, bullet B.C. and zero point, we are able to produce a turret specifically for your rifle. The RDS system is designed from the ground up to give you a high reliability solution and eliminate the guesswork from your long range hunting. Range, Dial, Shoot. It really is that simple. We stock RDS turrets for literally dozens of cartridge and bullet combinations.